Top 20 Holiday Gifts for Graphic Designers 2017

Top 20 Holiday Gifts for Graphic Designers 2017

The holidays are just around the corner, it’s that time of the year again where you can’t figure out what the heck to get those loved ones that drive you crazy all year, SPECIALLY that super picky graphic designer friend or relative (ha!). Well, here are these awesome and some of my favorite holiday gifts that will make your life a little easier 🙂

Professional 3D Printing Pen

Perfect for sketching out ideas in 3D. Sketch, print & doodle amazing three-dimensional masterpieces with this pen! Whether for an engineer or an artist, this pen will take any design projects to greater heights.

Tomons Wood Designer Desk Lamp

Perfect companion for those all nighters graphic designers enjoy. Classic solid wood combined with iron, simple and classic style. Get it in 3 different colors: black, white or green.

Samdi Wooden Computer Stand

This stylish wooden stand works with all kinds of computers or monitors, and specially iMac’s look amazing on this thing. It has a beautifully-designed shape that improves sitting posture for neck, back, and gives shoulder comfort. It also adds space to your desktop for more storage and organization. Overall a gorgeous piece that would make any graphic designer happy. Grab the matching cell phone stand here.

Wacom Intuos Tablet & Pen

Don’t have a tablet yet? Get this medium size Wacom tablet and pen perfect for painting, designing, and creating directly on the computer. It mirrors your brushstrokes and lines with natural feel and movement, super essential for any serious graphic designer out there. Works with every Adobe product.

Zoom & Ultra-Wide Glass Lenses

Attaches instantly an iPhone device’s FRONT & REAR cameras without the need for additional parts like a bulky case or glue on bracket mount. This is NOT a cheap clip-on plastic lens. It is loaded with a 2x optical zoom and “action camera” field-of-view, which makes it easy to shoot farther and wider than ever before possible with the iPhone’s built-in camera. A must have for those designers that love photography.

Kopack Slim Laptop Backpack

Some graphic designers prefer backpacks over messenger bags, well here’s this perfect option for those who love a slim, compact and stylish backpack. It is also water resistant and features an anti-scratch durable nylon fabric, fits laptops 15.6 inches or smaller. Comes in both silver and black.

The Logo Board Game

This board game not only tests your knowledge of contemporary brands, but also revisits products and advertisements long since vanished. Older adults will appreciate the nostalgic jingles and slogans, while younger people will enjoy the questions pertaining to contemporary companies and retailers. A designer’s dream game!

Deluxe Sketching Kit

Great for those who love to sketch and draw. The art set features a large array of tools to start experimenting or to refine sketches and drawings. Includes 12 graphite pencils, 6 compressed graphite sticks, 6 compressed charcoal sticks, 12 compressed color sticks, 4 pastel pencils, 1 5-inch by 7-inch sketching/drawing pad, 1 mannequin, 1 6-inch ruler, 1 sanding block, 1 sharpener and more. Other kits available are acrylic, oil and watercolor. It all comes in a wooden box, perfect for that hands on artist/graphic designer.

The Graphic Designer’s Handbook (Pricing & Ethical Guidelines)

This book is a must have for any graphic designer freelancing today. It covers all aspects of graphic design as a service, from pricing advice to legal protection. It also helps you understand how to maintain a work ethic that values yourself and your art to your clients. Also comes with very handy legal forms as templates.

Marshall Bluetooth Speaker

Graphic designers love to work while playing some badass music, get them one of the best rated and stylish retro bluetooth speakers available. Comes with excellent bass depth along with the ability to control both bass and treble separately. Looks amazing on any desk.

Griffin Dock Charger for Apple

There’s not many graphic designers out there that don’t love gadgets, whether it’s the iPhone or iPad get this awesome power dock charger to give all their devices the juice they need all at the same time. Dock comes with 5 USB ports, for Apple devices only.

Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

This messenger bag is the perfect gift for your graphic designer friend or relative who travels around often with their laptop, whether to the office or the coffee shop. Guaranteed to turn heads it features a vintage look made with real leather. Works great for computers 15.6 inches or smaller.

Wooden Digital Clock

This super simple and multi-functional digital clock comes in black and features three types of alarms, temperature, date and acoustic sensor. You can not only use USB but also batteries to power it. Comes with LED display and sound control. Perfect addition to any desk!

Love Logo Design Book

This great book shows you how to develop an iconic brand identity from start to finish, using client case studies from renowned designers. In the process, he reveals how designers create effective briefs, generate ideas, charge for their work, and collaborate with clients. It also includes sketches and final results from the author’s successful designs and also uses the work of many well-known designers. A must have for logo designers!

Pantone Color Guide Book Set

This PANTONE formula guide set is the must-have tool for designers for specifying and approving spot colors in graphic projects, especially logos, branded designs and packaging. This set features 1,867 solid colors printed on both coated and uncoated paper, perfect for designers to easily find new means of inspiration, expression and opportunities for creativity.

Ampersand Symbol Sign

I doubt there’s a graphic designer that is not a fan of the ampersand symbol, this is an awesome vintage sign with 12 warm white LEDs on a rustic marquee ampersand sign. It is the perfect office or home decor accessory for any designer.

Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

It’s nighttime and the lights are low. But that won’t keep a designer from catching up on their email or latest design project. With brightly backlit characters, an ultra-comfortable key system and powerful wireless, it’s all set for a brilliant typing experience—day or night.

Rain Design Laptop Stand

This awesome laptop stand comes with a swivel base, for designers who require an elegant way to share and rotate the screen while enjoying stability. The body is a single solid piece of aluminum silver-anodized finish that matches Apple notebooks. The stand raises the notebook screen to eye level for better posture and view, and is compatible with all Apple notebooks and most PC notebooks with depths less than 10.4 inches. Paired with an external keyboard and mouse, the stand transforms a laptop into a stylish workstation for designers to work comfortably at every day.

The Yoshimoto Cube Puzzle

Just like a Rubik’s Cube, but less frustrating and more aesthetically pleasing. The Yoshimoto cube can be endlessly transformed between its gold and white sides. Perfect for off time between design projects.

Slate Mobile Lap Desk

Not only does this handmade lap desk look amazing, but it’s also functional as hell. The ergonomic design is meant to keep a laptop cool while lending optimal space for comfort and functionality. It is compatible with laptops ranging from 11˝-17˝ as well as the iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus, as well as most handheld devices. It is made out of premium bamboo.

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